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1 year ago

I had no idea they had a burger bowl option! I’d probably actually prefer the bun-less option, so I’m definitely gonna have to keep that in mind the next time I go!

Clare Kennedy
Clare Kennedy
1 year ago

i would love to eat that right now. can practically smell it through my monitor! happy new year friend!

Debalina Mitra
1 year ago

I feel that’s a good idea actually and a lot of people would rather choose the Burger Bowl instead of the Bun. I would too. 🙂 N it does look yummy! Thanks for sharing this!


Oh my word this looks so good! I am a big fan of a good burger! Now I am hungry!

Image Earth Travel
11 months ago

Looks so delicious!

9 months ago

That is great to know as i love 5 guys but cant eant gluten and this an amazing option! I am glad you love it too!