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Bizarre Brunette
11 months ago

I usually pack a week in advance and then take away things that I don’t need. It helps me to pack light.

Sara Strand
11 months ago

I feel like I have packing down to a science! I can pack 6 people for a week into one suitcase. We mostly drive to our vacation spot and have limited room so that helps us keep our stuff to a minimum!

Ana Garcia
11 months ago

These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing.

11 months ago

Checking the weather totally helps! I also like to pack by outfits based on activities for each day.

11 months ago

I’m always overpacking for trips!!! These are really great ideas. I love the idea of packing a few pair of pants and more tops… will keep that one in mind for my next trip! Thanks so much!

11 months ago

But, but, but… They’re ALL necessities… : -)

Good advice in there, thanks!

11 months ago

Great tips! I’ve been trying so hard not to be like the Mickey GIF at the top of the article haha. One thing I found that helps is I keep a lot of my travel stuff all in one area. That way all I really need to do is pack some clothes and I’m set.

10 months ago

I’m about to go on vacation (road trip, so thankfully no weight limits!) so I totally needed this reminder! Thanks!

Lanae Bond (@LanaeBond)
10 months ago

Sometimes I forget to make room for gifts, so I am definitely keeping this in mind!

10 months ago

Awesome tips! Do you use packing cubes? I love those things!

Brooke Flanagan
9 months ago

Girl, I go against all these and I really should do better seeing as how I have your first name as well…what is wrong with the other Brooke’s in this world. In all seriousness thanks for giving me this advice. I am going to do better 🙂

Craige Hardel
5 months ago

Checking the weather forecast is golden. Saves so much heartache.

Good post

Chelsey Evans
4 months ago

My favorite is packing items that can be worn with multiple ouutfits