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Bizarre Brunette
1 year ago

I usually pack a week in advance and then take away things that I don’t need. It helps me to pack light.

Sara Strand
1 year ago

I feel like I have packing down to a science! I can pack 6 people for a week into one suitcase. We mostly drive to our vacation spot and have limited room so that helps us keep our stuff to a minimum!

Ana Garcia
1 year ago

These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Checking the weather totally helps! I also like to pack by outfits based on activities for each day.

1 year ago

I’m always overpacking for trips!!! These are really great ideas. I love the idea of packing a few pair of pants and more tops… will keep that one in mind for my next trip! Thanks so much!

1 year ago

But, but, but… They’re ALL necessities… : -)

Good advice in there, thanks!

1 year ago

Great tips! I’ve been trying so hard not to be like the Mickey GIF at the top of the article haha. One thing I found that helps is I keep a lot of my travel stuff all in one area. That way all I really need to do is pack some clothes and I’m set.

1 year ago

I’m about to go on vacation (road trip, so thankfully no weight limits!) so I totally needed this reminder! Thanks!

Lanae Bond (@LanaeBond)
11 months ago

Sometimes I forget to make room for gifts, so I am definitely keeping this in mind!

11 months ago

Awesome tips! Do you use packing cubes? I love those things!

Brooke Flanagan
11 months ago

Girl, I go against all these and I really should do better seeing as how I have your first name as well…what is wrong with the other Brooke’s in this world. In all seriousness thanks for giving me this advice. I am going to do better 🙂

Craige Hardel
7 months ago

Checking the weather forecast is golden. Saves so much heartache.

Good post

Chelsey Evans
5 months ago

My favorite is packing items that can be worn with multiple ouutfits